Amy Rogers

Scientist. Science thriller novelist.


Advance praise:

“…as exciting as it is frighteningly realistic. It could be tomorrow’s headline.”—James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Sobering, suspenseful, and absolutely chilling.”—Barry Lancet, award-winning author of Japantown and Tokyo Kill

The Han Agent is a surefire genre hit, fast-paced and full of elements of mystery and adventure.”Foreword Reviews magazine

“This pressure cooker of a thriller portrays with chilling realism how individuals can use specialized scientific knowledge for good or evil.”—J.E. Fishman, bestselling author of Primacy and the Bomb Squad NYC series



Modern biotechnology propels an ancient ethnic rivalry to a terrifying new level…

A Japanese pharmaceutical company with ties to war crimes during WWII hires Dr. Amika Nakamura, a Japanese-American scientist, after she is fired for creating mutant flu viruses in a university lab. During a visit to the disputed Senkaku Islands of Japan, Amika becomes entangled in a geopolitical struggle with China. Little does she know that Japanese ultranationalists believe she has the solution to an eighty-year-old quest for the ultimate biological weapon. From the shadows, someone around her is manipulating people, politics, and science.

But DNA doesn’t lie. Amika uncovers a shocking truth: a deadly virus is about to put the “gene” in genocide.